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Leveraging Patient Portals to Engage with Patients

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January 31, 2019

Leveraging Patient Portals to Engage with Patients

Jennifer Morency

picture Leveraging Patient Portals to Engage with Patients

When it comes to medical technology, many think of sophisticated, large surgical material and software. Although this is part of the technology found in the healthcare industry, they are not the only ones making a difference for both patients and medical professionals.

As most of us don’t witness (nor do we want to) the revolutionary medical devices found in hospitals and surgical rooms, we are left content with technology that enhances our more regular experiences and encounters with our doctor.

Engaging Through Patient Portals

It is safe to say that technology really is at our fingertips. From our phones to our computers and everything in between, much can be done electronically. It is now more frequent to book an appointment or order food through technology rather than talking to an actual person.

Our culture has integrated technology into most of what we do, which is why many expect the same from other areas, including patient-doctor communications. Why shouldn’t we treat our appointment bookings and communications the same way we do everything else? This is exactly why doctors and clinics have been integrating patient portals throughout the years. It allows them to engage with their patients in more meaningful ways by providing them:

  • Online appointment booking
  • Access to their file 24/7
  • Direct messaging with their doctor
  • Online prescription renewals
  • Access to their lab reports (review)

In larger establishments such as hospitals, patient portals allow patients to receive the proper care through online scheduling. It provides access to locations, times and ensures the proper resources are booked according to their condition or medical need.

Benefits for Doctors and Clinics

Along with providing patients with a modern tool to reach your establishment and access their file securely from anywhere they want, patient portals also offer great benefits for doctors and clinics:

  • Reduces the number of incoming calls
  • Allows doctors to provide their schedule according to their preferences
  • Easily review, comment and share lab reports
  • Renew prescriptions electronically
  • Share (or not) visit notes with patients
  • Choose when and where they respond to patient messages

Hospitals are also increasingly benefiting from patient portals through alleviated call centers and access to multiple location and time scheduling.

Patient portals provide a great way to engage with patients, increase access to care and ensure strong continuity of care, all while providing patients with a positive, modern healthcare experience.