5 keys to MU and adopting a ‘lawyer business model’

“It seems like a lot of new work for little, if any, actual gain,” said Ferguson. “So here’s an idea: instead of, or in addition to, chasing MU money, what if doctors started re-thinking how they do business on a very basic level? And rather than reinvent the wheel, what if they borrowed aspects of the very successful lawyer model?”

“What if doctors in primary care adopted aspects of the lawyer business model?” Ferguson continued. “What if they charged for access to information – or at least the time their staff put into providing that information? What if doctors turned their charts into a revenue center?”

Ferguson outlines five keys to MU and adopting a lawyer-like business model.

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About the Author

Steven Ferguson is the patient management officer at Hello Health, the revenue generating EMR platform for primary care practices supporting practice vitality through patient engagement and electronic medical revenue.

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