Tasks Moved to Main Menu

  • The Tasks tab is now accessible in the top Main Menu.
  • The number that displays above, if any, is the number of unread tasks you have.

Lab Results

Latest Lab Results Now in the EHR Summary (Ask Customer Support if you want to enable this feature)

  • Whether in a visit note or while prescribing, for a subset of lab results, the latest results for the patient can be displayed in the EHR Summary, so that you can review without leaving the visit note or the prescribing window.
  • See the “Latest Lab Results” in the EHR Summary, below the Social History section

Results Trends

Additional Information for Abnormal Values

  • For values meeting certain criteria, an indicator (e.g. (H), (L)) displays to the right of the values in the results trends.

  • Indicators are chosen and returned to Hello Health by the lab’s third party. These may include:

Plus: bug fixes and other small enhancements!