Social History

New Smoking Statuses

The statuses listed in the Smoking Status drop-down menu have been replaced with simplified choices. If you’ve entered a past status for a patient, they have been mapped to the new statuses.

Active or Social Smoker

When Active or Social Smoker are selected the patient’s smoking Start Date, how many Cigarettes they smoke and a check box to indicate if the patient wants help quitting will appear.

Former Smoker

When Former Smoker is selected, a pop-up will appear in which you must enter the patient’s quit date. It is important to note that the quit year is mandatory to save Former Smoker as the patient’s status.

New Social History Section: Use of Other Tobacco Products


Revamped Look and Feel

The Amendments section has a new look and feel! As a default, the amendments are grouped by section, but users can also choose to sort by date.

Plus: bug fixes and other small enhancements!