February 12, 2020

Release Note – v11.11

Features Updates

Patient Library

Folder tree applied automatically

When entering a patient’s chart if the folder tree structure has been updated since last viewing the patient’s library the updated structure will automatically apply.

Document Viewer

Rotate 90 Degrees

When viewing a file in the document viewer, you can click to rotate 90° to the left or to the right.

User Library

Ability to Copy a File to a Patient Library

Users can now make a copy of a file from the User Library to the Patient Library while maintaining the original in their User Library. To copy a file, click the pencil icon beside the file and select Copy.

Search for a patient and select the folder you’d like to copy the file into.


Recipient Included on Printed Orders

When a recipient is included on an order it will be included on the printed version of the order.

Coming Soon


Ability to Export Vitals

Click on Export to see the preview vitals chart PDF and to download it.

Ability to Add Vitals Directly in Vitals Section

In the Patient’s Chart users can add vitals directly in the Vitals section.

Ability to Edit and Delete Vitals

User can edit or delete vitals in the Patient Record under the Vitals tab. Vitals can be edited or deleted on the overview tab or the chart views. It is important to note, that only vitals entered directly into this section can be edited or deleted. Vitals entered in a visit note cannot be edited or deleted from this section.

Plus: bug fixes and other small enhancements!