November 18, 2020

Release Note – v11.16

Features Updates


New Look & Feel!

We have updated Memberships with a new look and feel. Please contact the Support Team if you require assistance managing your plans.

Demographics – Emergency Information

Ability to Indicate a Patient’s Next of Kin

The ability to indicate a patient’s next of kin has been added to the emergency information in a patient’s chart. If a patient already has an emergency contact and their next of kin is the same person, a user can check the box to indicate this. Alternatively, if it’s another person, simply complete the sections and save.


Enhancement for eRx

Users will notice that when prescribing, patient instructions have been limited to 140 characters. As a you begin typing, the characters remaining will update to ensure the instructions are not cut off when sent to the third party.

Plus: bug fixes and other small enhancements!