Looking Beyond Meaningful Use: New Revenue Sources for Primary Care Practices

Speakers: Shahid Shah and Steven Ferguson

Webinar Rebroadcast (October 24, 2012)

Primary care practitioners spend upwards of 675 hours each year on activities that are not compensated – amounting to over $34,000 in lost revenue opportunities. Those who participate in the government’s Meaningful Use incentive program may find some reprieve, but HITECH payouts will barely scratch the surface in offsetting declining revenues and rising costs for most practices.

This webinar discusses innovative ways for medical practices to break out of their revenue ruts:

  • Identify time spent on uncompensated tasks
  • Optimize the revenue you collect from each patient, whether it is before, during or after the clinical visit
  • Identify potential untapped revenue centers in your practice
  • Embrace the role of health information technology in the revenue picture
  • Discover a new business model that generates new top-line revenue