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The Value of Post-Sales Support in Healthcare

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August 15, 2018

The Value of Post-Sales Support in Healthcare

Jennifer Morency

picture The Value of Post-Sales Support in Healthcare

Shopping around for the best product or service can sometimes mean hours, days or even weeks of research. This means comparing companies, features and much more.

Once the company and product or service has been chosen, the sales cycle continues. Many factors come into play here. Is the company tailoring the product to fit your needs? Are they available to help you if you have issues down the line?

These are not typical questions you would ask yourself for smaller, more trivial products such as a hairbrush or a smartphone case. It is, however, of the utmost importance when it comes to larger products and services that are used by many and play an important role, especially in the healthcare industry.

Importance of Healthcare Technology Training

In a hospital or clinic, many rely on important technology such as Electronic Health Records. Choosing the right company is a long process and requires extensive research and dealings.

Imagine, however, not receiving proper training on the software or even support down the line if a problem occurs. Not only does this hinder your work, but it also costs a lot of money. When choosing a software, you pay for the features you want and everything that comes with it. What happens when you don’t know how to use it to its fullest extent? All that money you paid doesn’t get its full value.

When purchasing a software or service, the level of training that comes with it is very important. Staff need to be trained to not only use the software itself but be able to utilize the benefits of the chosen software to the fullest. When considering EHR training, this can mean the difference between a positive or negative affect on efficiency, documentation, communication and everything else it was purchased for in the first place.

Customer Service Post-Sale

This is likely the most important aspect of any technological purchase, especially on a clinical and hospital level. No matter the size (or existence) of your IT department, problems can sometimes arise that are out of your control.

What does your EHR company’s customer service or support team look like? Do they answer the phone immediately? Do they solve issues in a timely manner? Do they even have a support team?

Companies that work within the same building as their IT and development departments can help solve potential issues even quicker, easing the bridge between support requests and issue resolution.

As an overall rule of thumb, the value of the training and customer support provided by your EHR company (or any other technological company in the healthcare industry) is priceless. What does have a price though, is the technology you are buying and the reason you are paying for it. Make sure you receive quality training and support so you aren’t throwing money at something you don’t fully know how to use and spend your time praying no issues occur.